Kamehameha Schools is a private charitable educational trust endowed by the will of Hawaiian princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop (1831-1884), the great-granddaughter and last direct descendant of King Kamehameha I.

During her lifetime, Princess Pauahi witnessed the rapid decline of the Hawaiian population. The princess knew that education would be key to the survival of her people, so in an enduring act of aloha, she left them a precious gift upon her passing — 375,000 acres of ancestral land. She instructed the trustees of her estate to use “the rest, residue and remainder of my estate” to educate her people.

Today, her endowment supports an educational system that serves thousands of Hawaiian learners.

Our Endowment

Kamehameha Schools’ (KS) endowment is currently valued at $11.9 billion and is made up of financial investments and real estate. The commercial portfolio is approximately 30% of the total endowment, or $3.5 billion. The endowment exists to support our educational mission which is to fulfill Pauahi’s desire to create educational opportunities in perpetuity to improve the capability and well-being of people of Hawaiian ancestry. Our kuleana, as a part of the Finance Group within KS, is to optimize and steward KS’ economic assets and financial management to advance KS’ mission.

KS’ 15,000-acre commercial real estate portfolio is a small percentage of its total 363,000-acres of land ownership across the state of Hawai‘i. KS’ land ownership is primarily legacy lands, or lands that have been entrusted into the care of a private trust from our ali‘i (chiefs). KS is a long-term landowner and manages and stewards our lands because of our connection to our culture and history and the importance of land to our people. We look to balance returns on our lands over five key values: Economics, Education, Culture, Community and Environment to support our mission. The commercial lands are also a part of  larger regional strategy that KS has committed to implementing across the communities we serve. The regional approach broadens our insights into educational programming, cultural connection and community building in alignment with economic returns on our lands.

Properties in the commercial portfolio include some of the state’s largest shopping centers, hotels and resorts. KS’ owns and manages properties across all property types: retail, industrial, office and mixed-use products. This diverse mix of assets includes significant land assemblages in the urban core where KS has the opportunity to reinvest in our lands, buildings and communities. Large master plan development areas include Our Kaka‘ako and Kapālama Kai. The commercial portfolio includes properties it directly owns and operates, as well as long-term ground leased assets.

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